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      1. Best Screws, Bolt, Nut, Speciallty, fastener manufacturer
        Screw OEM ODM Service

        Screw OEM ODM Service

        18 years of customized experience in 6000 types of screws, can avoid slip, difficult to burr, high thread precision ≤ 3a.
        Bolts OEM ODM Service

        Bolts OEM ODM Service

        Improve the production process, 3-7 days ahead of peers in delivery time, a variety of testing equipment exceeding the quality of the same industry by 35%, can provide materials and testing reports.
        Nuts OEM ODM Service

        Nuts OEM ODM Service

        Large and small batch bolt customization, China's leading customized bolt factory, 32 years of technology - accumulation of experience, German standard, national standard, American Standard.
        CNC Machining Service

        CNC Machining Service

        CNC processing, 15000 square meters of plant, on-time delivery, 100 CNC equipment, timely feedback of processing progress, two days of delivery of expedited orders!

        Lead Time (Days)

        ? ? Items ? ? ? ? ? ? Prototype High Volume
        ? ? Screw 3-5 10-15
        ? ? Bolt 3-5 10-15
        ? ? Nut 2-3 7-10
        ? ? Non-standard parts 8-15 15-20

        About Company Profile

        a professional manufacturer of screws in China. We produce screws for drywall, chipboard, tapping, self-drilling, concrete, machine, Automotive, special-use, etc. For meeting severe request of Low Defective Rate, we install sorting machines in our factory including roller-, and optical-sorters to sort out scrap and unqualified products. In our QA office, engineers strictly inspect samples pick up from every lot of semi-and finished-product by variety of testing machines. (awarded by BSI).

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